Organic fruit gums made in Austria

The first organic fruit gums and sweets were produced in our Viennese factory 25 years ago. Since then, the organic trend has become an attitude to life. The consumer’s wish for organic products is constantly increasing as is our range of BioBon fruit gums perfectly tailored to the taste of our customers!

When sourcing our high-quality raw materials, we ensure compliance with the strict EU organic requirements along the entire supply chain. Regular external controls according to international standards prove the strict compliance with the EU organic guidelines as well as IFS and HACCP standards at “higher level”.

As a modern traditional company, we place great importance on a conscious use of resources. There is, unfortunately, still no biodegradable film that guarantees product protection for our fruit gums. Therefore we only use polypropylene film for our BioBon fruit gums, which is 90% recyclable. In addition, we were able to save valuable raw materials by reducing the material thickness and printing inks for foils and cardboard boxes, and by shortening the bag length. Of course, we are constantly working on further optimisations in line with modern organic thinking.

Mädchen mit BioBons in den Händen
… and the ingredients?

Most of our organic raw materials are obtained from trusted, predominantly European suppliers.

The shorter the procurement paths, the better: Our organic beet sugar originates from Austria, depending on the harvest the organic glucose syrup comes from Austria or neighbouring European Union countries.

For our vegan fruit gums we use plant-based citrus pectin. To ensure classic chewing pleasure, organic porcine gelatine is used as gelling agent.

The beloved BioBon variety is achieved through the use of organic fruit juice and plant concentrates as well as high-quality natural aromas. 95% of which are obtained from the respective fruit that gives it its name.

How to cook fruit gums

Little bear or fruit

1997 Beginn der Herstellung von Bio Fruchtgummis

Fruity, colourful and sweet!

Sugar, glucose syrup and gelling agent get dissolved in water. By stirring and careful heating the mass until gelling, the basis mixture for gummy candies is made. To underline the fresh fruitiness some citric acid is added. The well-known and popular taste variety and the brilliantly colourful appearance of fruit gummies is obtained from organic fruit juice concentrates and high-quality natural flavourings and extracts, that are obtained from the name-giving fruit by 95%.

Dinosour or peach?

A board of molds is pressed into wooden trays filled with maize starch powder. The liquid mass then gets filled in those small wells that were created by the moulds. The gummy candies are then lying flat on their bellies until they get dry and keep their shape. In this way, six different colored fruit gums can be made at the same time.


Bunte Gummibärchen in Kinderhänden

We're finishing up

After around two to four days, when the fruit gums are dry and ready enough to stay in shape, they are taken out of their powdery bed and shaken slightly. The finished gummy candies are either coated with plant-based carnauba wax to give them a lovely shiny appearance and prevent them from sticking together or they are coated with a sour mixture like our Saure Tröööter.