100% made in Austria

We consider ourselves a 100% traditional Austrian producer of top-quality fruit gums and candies thanks to decades of tradition and expertise. Our modern product developments are based both on this expertise and the highest quality standards. Together with our customers, we turn new trends and ideas into innovative new creations ...

Beet sugar from Austria

Today, we focus on developing and producing organic fruit gums and filled organic candies. Part of our philosophy is to make BioBon fruit gums and candies exclusively from organic beet sugar from Austrian sugar beets. As we believe sustainability is important, we promote the processing of sugar from Austrian sugar beets. On request, we also create recipes using Fairtrade sugar and organic raw cane sugar.

Top-quality raw materials

Our raw material suppliers are required to meet our high quality standards and provide proof of this in the form of corresponding test certificates. Part of our philosophy is to maintain long-term relations with our suppliers and thus ensure a partnership based on trust and cooperation.

Regular quality checks

In order to ensure the utmost product safety and outstanding quality, our production facilities are inspected and assessed regularly by external auditors: since 2005, we have been awarded higher level certification according to IFS (International Food Standard) by the German technical inspection association TÜV Deutschland, which validates the safety and quality of products. Naturally, we are also certified organic.


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