Colourful and simply irresistible!

Take sugar, water, glucose syrup, animal- or plant-based gelling agent, colourings and flavourings. And for a slightly sour and fruity taste, some citric acid. Now dissolve, mix and heat all of these ingredients together to create the liquid mass that forms the basis for all fruit gums. The colour and taste come from the added juices and extracts. Now choose the shape of the fruit gums.

Dino or bear?

In principle, it’s just like baking a cake in a sandbox: stamps of the respective shape of the fruit gums are pressed into trays filled with corn starch powder. The stamps leave an impression, i.e. negative impressions. The liquid fruit gum mass is now poured into these moulded impressions, which may take the shape of a gummy bear, for example. Lying face down in a bed of powder, the gummy bears are now left to cool and solidify.

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for!

After around two to four days they’re ready – the fruit gums are solid and dry and look how they should. They are now taken out of their powdery bed and shaken slightly to release them from the powder. The finished fruit gum shapes are then coated with plant-based carnauba wax or beeswax to give them a nice sheen and prevent them from sticking together. Finally, the packaging machine weighs the fruit gums and fills them into colourfully printed bags. Then all that’s left is to taste and enjoy!




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