Traditional herbal candies and fruity bonbons

Whether fruity and fresh or soothingly soft for your throat, with or without filling – we all love traditional candies! They have been enjoyed for years, and everybody with a sweet tooth is now spoilt for choice between three delicious flavours.

Starting with a sweet liquid mass…

But how are these pastilles actually produced? The basic mass consists of boiled sugar, water and glucose syrup. Depending on the recipe, fruit- or herb extracts, juice concentrates, essences or flavours, as well as fruit or herb oils and citric acid are added to the liquid, hot mass. During the production process, it is important to constantly observe the temperatures, as we do not want to overheat the valuable organic ingredients.
The boiled mass is then formed into a thick thread. If the candy gets a delicious filling, it will be inserted into the middle of the thread. In the following step the individual pastilles are cut out of the mass. Now they are finished and only need to cool down a bit.

... to a joyful candy fun!

To avoid that the pastilles stick together in the bags, each of them is wrapped in colourfully printed or transparent foil and will then be put into the bags. And then it’s time to unwrap and enjoy them!


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