A Viennese sweet tradition since 1870

It all began with businessman Isidor Egger, who founded the confectionery and chocolate-making company in Nussdorf, Vienna.


Following his death, his widow expanded the company and named it: A. EGGER’S SOHN. Even back then, the company specialised in making confectionery, dietary products and pharmaceutical specialities – and to great success.


The traditional Viennese company was awarded the imperial title ‘Kaiserlicher und Königlicher Hoflieferant’ (purveyor to the imperial and royal court).


The production of confectionery and pharmaceutical products was separated, leading to the foundation of ‘Eggochemia, Fabrik chemischer und pharmazeutischer Präparate’ (factory of chemical and pharmaceutical supplements).


The company was put under provisional administration and only ten years later returned to its previous owners.


Helmut Pois joined Egger and took over the company later, when it had around 50 employees.


A key milestone: A. Egger’s Sohn started making organic products, thus laying the foundation for the BioBon product range.


THE Austrian candy marriage. A. Egger’s Sohn Süßwaren und Naturmittel GmbH, which was by this time regarded by the industry as a ‘model operation’, was taken over by PEZ International AG, based in Linz, which developed the product lines fruit gums, herbal, cough and organic candies. This strategic move marked the expansion of the product range for customers worldwide.


The best-known brands from the house of Egger now include the fruit gum classics ‘Sportgummi’ as well as the cough candies ‘Hustinetten’, ‘Rachenputzer’ and ‘Eibischteig’. Production is now primarily focussed on making organic fruit gums and candies. As a reliable and creative partner in product development and market positioning, we supply not only leading national and international retail chains, but also renowned players in the established and ever-growing organic segment.

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